Presentation in English

Linnéa Lindsköld, senior lecturer at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science (SSLIS), University of Borås. Researcher and teacher in cultural- literature- and information policy. Her research interests include the concept of quality in cultural policy, literature policy, the politics of reading and Scandinavian radical right parties’ cultural policy.

Lindsköld is currently working in two research projects funded by The Swedish Research Council. The making of the reading citizen. Public debate and policy 1945-2017, together with Åse Hedemark, Uppsala university and Anna Lundh, University of Borås. This project will be conducted 2018-2020. The second project is The Welfare Regime of Literature. The Function of Literature in Sweden 1937–1976, conducted 2019-2021 together with Jon Helgason and Erik Erlanson, Linnaeus University,  and Peter Henning, Umeå University.

She wrote her doctoral thesis on the conceptions of aesthetic quality used in Swedish literature policy through a study of the discourse of the state support to new, Swedish fiction 1975-2009.

During 2015-16 Lindsköld participated in the research project Knowledge in a Digital World at Lund University.

Lindsköld is part of the editorial board for the Nordic journal on cultural policy and a member of the scientific committee for the Nordic conference on cultural policy research.

Publications in English (selected)

Lindsköld, L., Hedemark, Å. and Lundh, A. (2020) ‘Constructing the Desirable Reader in Swedish Contemporary Literature Policy’, Culture Unbound. Journal of Current Cultural Research. doi: 10.3384/cu.2000.1525.20200527c.

2018-11-27 Guest editor of The Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy‘s special issue on Cultural leadership together with Nanna Kann-Rasmussen and Tobias Harding.

Linnéa Lindsköld, (2018) ”Google as a political subject: the right to be forgotten debate 2014-2016”, Online Information Review, Vol. 42 Issue: 6, pp.768-783,

Lindsköld, L. (2016). Understanding cultural taste: sensation, skill and sensibility, International Journal of Cultural Policy. (book review).

Lindsköld, L. (2015). Contradicting Cultural Policy: A comparative study of the cultural policy of the Scandinavian radical right. Nordisk Kulturpolitisk Tidskrift 2015:1, (Link to article).

Lindsköld, L. & Stavrum, H. (2015). Hunting high and low: Comparing the use of quality in scandinavian cultural policy. Paper presented at the 7th Nordic Conference on Cultural Policy Research. 25-27 August in Bø, Norway.

Contradicting Cultural Policy: A comparative study of the cultural policy of the Nordic radical right. Paper presented at the Eight International Conference on Cultural Policy Research, 9-12 September 2014, Hildesheim, Germany.

Crisis alert! – Perceptions of the book market crisis in the Swedish literature policy discourse 1975-1989. Paper presented at the Seventh International Conference on Cultural Policy Research, 9-12 July 2012, Barcelona, Spain.